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We are researching the Mott family of Southwestern Michigan, New York, and England, and the Sparr [Spahr] family of Northern Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Germany.


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Major William Mott of Dutchess County New York is the earliest ancestor known in this Mott family line. His ancestors have not been found, but it appears that he is not descended from the Adam Mott born in 1621 who emigrated from England to Long Island.


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Johann Baptist Spahr (who became known as John B. Sparr) emigrated with his family from Biengen, Baden, Germany on the ship "Andes" in 1834. Johann, his wife, Barbara (Mutterer), and their three surviving children, Barbara, Franz Josef, and Leonard Edward, left from the port of Havre, France and arrived in New York on 19 July 1834. From there they went to join relatives in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Their last child, Ferdinand, was born in Erie County in 1835. By 1840 Johann and his family had moved on to St. Joseph County, Michigan. Before 1850 the family left Michigan and settled in St. Joseph County, Indiana. In 1856 they relocated to Elkhart County, Indiana.
Johann and Barbara are found in records as both Spahr and Sparr. Franz Josef became known as Francis J. Sparr and his descendants continued that spelling. Ferdinand, and most of his descendants, retained the Spahr spelling. Leonard Edward has not yet been found after 1840.


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